The best quality wood

Wood and bagged kindling.

We also offer dry firewood in the form of sawmill cuttings, ideal for central heating stoves and tiled stoves, available in various forms of packaging.


Wood from the current acquisition, and seasoned for up to 6 months:

Chamber-dried wood to a moisture content of <20%

In order to determine the prices of wood, please call + 48 512 476 298


Our company offers the highest quality dried firewood packed in box-pallets with a capacity of 1 and 1.8 m3. In the production process, the wood is cut to any length from 25 to 55 cm, dried in a specialized chamber and then carefully stacked in box-pallets. The wood we offer has a moisture content of less than 20%, has no traces of rot or mold, all pieces of wood have the same length and diameter from 8 to 15 cm. According to research, it is precisely this diameter of firewood that gives the lowest harmful emissions
into the atmosphere and allows to reach the highest combustion temperature.

At your request, we are able to organize the transport of your cargo.
Until now, we have been trusted by recipients from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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